TRANSIT aims at realizing a break-through in virtual testing and virtual certification by developing validated source characterization, exterior noise simulation models, and measurement-based separation techniques.

Advances in TRANSIT
Exterior noise simulation model that includes validated integration effects and uncertainties
  • Installation effects and refraction in the transmission paths
  • Estimation of uncertainty on predicted noise levels
  • Validated exterior noise simulation tool
Validated and robust source characterization methods that provide sound power and directivity
  • Definition of strength and directivity of sources
  • Equivalent source models to represent strength and directivity
Pass-by noise source separation techniques that allow for accurate quantification of sound power
  • Improved pass-by source separation including source strength and directivity
  • Validation and uncertainty assessment
Vehicle/track separation techniques that establish the independent contributions of track and vehicle, including the possibility of transposition from one track to another
  • Enhancement and simplification of separation methods
  • Separation of wheel and rail roughness
  • Separation of vertical and lateral rail vibration contributions
  • Transposition methods
Tailored light-weight materials designed for targeted frequency bands that allow for optimized interior noise
  • Feasibility study of innovative solutions
  • New designs for improved interior noise comfort